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Bio - a little bit about me
Lesley Ford

Hi there and thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Lesley Ford and I came into the Holistic therapy world in the late 1990’s when I was suffering from ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and had a period of 2 years having to go shopping in a wheelchair. I had no energy to walk long distances, and my GP told me that there was no specific treatments for this condition. My only option for my condition was anti-depressants. Unhappy with that option, I started to investigate how I could help myself recover.

About My Journey

My journey to full health was a long one (9 years) as I was stubborn and would not listen to my body!

I suffered from panic attacks, migraines, very little or low energy, and attention deficit.

I could only focus on looking at pictures – no text. Eventually I was told by a friend to visit a homeopath. What..? who is that? was my reaction. After my first experience with a ‘homeopath’ I realised it was nothing more than a prescription for low quality vitamins!

But undeterred I found another homeopath and he took a ‘full case’ and my recovery started.

About My Recovery

My recovery took about 18 months to 2 years to become ‘back to normal’.

Each small step was attributed to homeopathy.

I decided to look for a short course to help my young family whenever they became ill.

There were none available at the time. finally, I found a 4 year part-time course to become a Registered Homeopath.

I trained and qualified in 2005. I then went on to do my Post Graduate qualification for another 2 years.

My Company

Phoenix Holistic Health UK Ltd was set up in December 2019. I have now added Clinical Hypnotherapy, Angelic Reiki, Rose Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing Master Practitioner) CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to my skill-set as a Homeopath and Mindset Coach to aid in the wonders of healing.

Mindset Coaching

As a Mindset Coach I help individuals retrain their thoughts. Put simply, our minds are made of two parts, the conscious and the sub-conscious. Our sub-conscious actually over-rides our conscious minds. This can be the reason people find themselves self-sabotaging their efforts on a daily basis.

Sub-conscious sabotage

A good example of self-sabotage that I use is when we go on a diet. We tend to do well on it for about 6 weeks or so. Then when we can actually start to see a difference in our body shape, we make short cuts on the diet and don’t stick to the rules.

This is self-sabotaging. Deep down you may have a belief that is stopping you attain what your conscious state wants. This is a belief that has been there for possibly many years.

I empower you how to CHANGE this belief and I use practices I have learnt over many years such as NLP, CBT, EFT and Hypnotherapy and this adds to finding out why we behave in the ways we do. It gives the client an understanding as to why they have been behaving like they have.

Some for many years and it is not uncommon for these ways to go back to childhood.

Helping others

I am happy to say that I now enjoy FULL health and have done so for many years now.

I love the fact that I am here to help others heal themselves. When I was at my lowest health I had to give up my job and had very little finances to cope. Having to find more money for holistic treatment seemed daunting at the time. So, I have set up a monthly payment option for those that want the treatment with Homeopathy but with flexibility on payment.

Booking and prices

Prices for Homeopathy can be spread over monthly payments and covers your treatments for the year. However, the first consult MUST be paid for separately. This involves a 1 to 1.5 hour session to discuss you as an individual and for me to have a top to toe analysis of your body and mind.

Allowing clients to pay monthly has allowed them to have some financial freedom in their recovery to health, whilst also allowing them to have the treatments they need.

First consultation for Homeopathy is £88 (2 hours)

Follow ups for Homeopathy are £65 (1 hour)

Monthly payment plan for Homeopathy is £30 per month

All other services start at £80 per session and packages are available, please ask for details.

My Aim

My company's aim is to bring individuals to their best optimum health, through the therapies offered. And in doing so, give something back to the local community for those that might not be able to afford treatment*.

Local charities are welcome to contact for preferential rates or support.

*Subject to the practitioner’s decision.

I am registered with The Association of Natural Medicine (ANM) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and I practice in accordance with a Code of Ethics.

I hold professional insurance, and have passed stringent academic and clinical assessments before being admitted to the relevant Registers.

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