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Is your dieting like a game of snakes & ladders?

Is your dieting like a game of snakes & ladders?

Is your dieting like a game of snakes & ladders?

Posted 4th August 2023

Does this sound like you? You have a good few days/ weeks on your dieting(ladders) and then there’s a temptation, a food, a drink or a snack and you slide down that slippery slope (snake) and you feel all your efforts are lost on that one blip, you may even decide to slide down more of that snake by a full blown eat out?

In the game of snakes and ladders there are big ladders and small ladders, big snakes and smaller snakes. In relation to dieting, this image can be used to you on track, nothing is fazing you and you are steadily getting to your goal, that target each week, maybe fitting into an item of clothing you want to wear, or a you have an event you want to look good at, or something else and you know nothing is going to take you off track.

But sometimes, as in life, we get a curve ball, a temptation, thrown in our way, for example, a colleague at work has a birthday and there are cakes, sweets or biscuits etc, you get the gist and you have to make a decision to have a cake, a biscuit, a chocolate or not have one, do you stay on track and continue to keep climbing up those ladders? or are you having a bad day at work and think what the heck? I'm having a cake, a biscuit, a chocolate, and then you are on the slippery slope of the snake, and depending on how much temptation you give into, depends on how big that snake is, and can, in some cases, take you back to near the beginning of your journey and you feel like you have to start all over again, so just think I am not meant to be slimmer!

I know I have been there and also played a lot of snakes and ladders in my life!

The trick is, that if you have a temptation put in your way whilst reducing your weight, shape and size, you want those snakes to be diddy, tiny ones don’t you, so as any set backs are small ones, you tread on those snake heads and move along upwards towards that goal of your desired shape and size, and you get to your destination relatively easy.

How does hypnotherapy help with slimming?

In sessions of hypnotherapy for weight reduction, your neural pathways are changed gradually over time to build new in-roads into how you view your relationship with food. It’s not an overnight fix, as nothing is, but with the help of an experienced hypnotherapist you can be sure that those instances of snakes coming to tempt you will become less and less and your goal weight, shape and size becomes more achievable, as you become more focused and determined to get there.

You know how you felt when you were younger and played snakes & ladders with a sibling, friend or family member, when you wanted to beat them at all costs? You wanted to get to that 100 spot on the board? You can view your weight loss as something of a game of snakes and ladders, and getting into the right ‘frame of mind’ hypnotherapy can help you achieve that result of getting to 100, getting to your target weight, shape or size. You are not playing with those family members or friends when reducing weight now, but you can be playing the game with yourself and those limiting or sabotaging beliefs that can halter your progress. You know, those nagging thoughts that keep you thinking of that cake, ice cream, crisps, chocolate, biscuits, wine or whatever your temptation food or drink might be, and they can be really strong can’t they?

With hypnosis, did you know you can turn off those cravings so as those instances of weakness and ‘caving’ are a thing of the past, allowing you to keep on track, keep moving up those ladders and getting nearer to that desire of your shape and size.

With weekly sessions and back up audios to listen to each week, you can be sure you have the tools to equip you in your weight reduction. I have many tools in my toolbox that I can pass onto you to help aid you in the smooth transition of weight reduction, so as you become that slimmer, healthier version of you and as you pass the mirrors or shop windows you will feel, calmer, more confident knowing that you did it, you changed your shape and size and you feel amazing!

As a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and online, I have many different programmes available starting at 8 weeks and moving up to 16 weeks and with the support of weekly check ins and back up audios to listen to, your weight reduction has never felt so good.

If you want a different approach to slimming, one where there is no diet, you can eat what you want with only following a few simple rules and see your weight changing weekly, let’s have a FREE online chat and let me show you how to start winning at weight reduction and leave those snakes behind.

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